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Kick-starting GroupIN with Seed funding

The seed funding stage is considered crucial for any new start-up to engrave its roots in the market and our team at GroupIN has been successful in raising $250K in seed funding 1st Series.

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The world becomes a better place when businesses thrive in an environment consisting of like-minded people. This co-existence and co-dependence can really prove to be a kick-starter for any idea and develop it into an earning machine. However, any idea needs the work of a team and for any team to produce successful results, collaboration is the key.

According to a report, as much as 43% of employers consider collaboration as the highest ranked aspect of the workplace. No wonder that collaboration and team work are important players common to all successful ventures and companies really go the extra mile to bring these on-board. The importance of effective communication is not unknown to brands and big companies and therefore, the market is now brimming with solutions, tools and applications that make the life of employees easier at workplace.

As important as collaboration is, 83% of workers need technology to collaborate and therefore, we have built a virtual tool that addresses all the issues and redefines communication.

What GroupIN does

Giving companies an extra edge over competitors, GroupIN is one platform that enables the employees or team members to communicate and collaborate like never before using a single space. We are basically an application that brings in employees and workers from various sectors all in one place, irrespective of their locations, giving them a virtual space of discussion.

Any task or operation needs brainstorming and without effective communication between the teammates, no fruitful outcome can be achieved. It comes as no surprise that employers and executives cite ineffective communication as the number one reason of workplace failure. With our robust application, the members of any institution or company can always stay in touch on the go.

We don’t just make things easier for team work but our feature-filled app lets employees converse with clients and keep them happy, all from a single source.

Features that we offer

Group creation

We allow members to create specific groups in our application for easy communication and exchange of ideals. Members are allowed to create and converse in hundreds of groups at once, with exceptional speed and ease. The admins can add members through their contacts or external files and choose to keep it private or public, according to the needs and demands.


The calendar feature is a great attraction for all the productivity lovers out there. Set up appointments and never miss a meeting or event with a calendar notification at your disposal. The app also allows sharing of your schedule with the specified individuals or contacts who can view your availability status and take appointments in a single click.

Secured Zone

Using our application for crucial tasks and operations, no need to worry as we have created a secure and private zone for our user base. Our users are not required to share or display their emails or phone numbers while usage and so all the sensitive details are curtained from other members. Even if an issue arises, our privacy and security policies ensure that user’s conversations and data are never compromised.


Our users are awarded with features like creation and usage of personal stickers in order to lend a fun and exciting element to the working space. Be it client or co-worker, users have the feature to share information with hint of personal touch by creating a whole new library of stickers.

Cloud Integration

We ensure that GroupIN users are always working in sync irrespective of their geographical barriers. Our cloud storage feature is there to hold all the messages, chats and files in one place protected and safe from exposure and at the same time, easily accessible by the authorized members of the team for unmatched productivity.

Why GroupIN stands out from the crowd

Highly prompt

Luckily, we work in an era when technology has made exchange of information and messages faster than lighting. Why should your employees stay behind? We bring you a prompt and quick tool that can get your work done without any hassle, in no time at all.


Our extensive privacy policy ensures that employees’ or members’ conversations are never at risk and protected at all costs. Also, with our selective sign-in process ensures that no uninvited member or spammer gets to sneak in your personal chats and messages.

Bend it like you want

What good is a tool if it doesn’t let you take control? We lend you full power and flexibility over the usage of the app, right from selecting the members for groups and sending special invites to the customization of the messenger with your own stickers.

All-in-one Solution

Why hustle between apps when you can have the best of both worlds in one place? Our platform acts like a virtual world where-in the employees can connect with other employees as well as converse and turn leads into clients while on the go.

Suits all scenarios

Why should a virus put a halt on your conversations and business? Our application is your stable partner in times of need and ensures that your messages and ideas are conveyed even in the most difficult scenarios and also the times ahead.

Easy on the Pocket

We aim to bring you best in-class service at a budget friendly price that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. With our carefully curated plans and packages, companies can leverage effective collaboration and unmatched communication without thinking of the price tag.

Seed funding Story

For any start-up or venture, getting support from the investors is a great push towards establishing a firm hold in the consumer space. We, at GroupIN, had an amazing idea of creating a tool that makes the life of employees easier by giving them a collaborative junction. Giving wings to our core thought, our team unleashed the idea to the world and we got lucky enough to garner support from the right sources.

The seed funding stage is considered crucial for any new start-up or ideators to engrave its roots in the market and our team at GroupIN has been successful in raising $250K in seed funding 1st Series.

Dr. Swapna Kumari Kotla (New Jersey, USA) and Dr Nikhilesh Rao Vardhineni (England, UK) are among the top investors who found potential and lent support to our venture.

The seed funding stage or angel investing can really fan the morale of early-stage businesses and realizing its importance, the thinkers behind GroupIN put in sweat and blood to raise funds for introducing this concept to the institutional clients and partners.

With funds raised in the First Quarter, our founders and core members plan to expand our base and pace up our operations for the smooth working of the platform and uninterrupted productivity for the customers entrusting us. The funds are to be deployed in further development and growth of project and hunting and procuring the best talent across Tech, Product Growth and Support.

The End Note:

Our founders and core members believe in the concept of innovation and constant refurbishments of products to meet the expectations of the customers at all times. We, at GroupIN, are grateful to all the individuals and companies that saw potential in our ideals and strategies and took the decision of investing with our venture.

The support received is not just limited to capital but shall also serve as a fuel for our undying efforts of constantly evolving and improving our product. We consider this opportunity as a stepping stone to creating a mark in the market and growing exponentially to emerge as a recognized name in the global space.

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